Konverse Help


Anyone who has the ability to create or edit a post or comment, also has the ability to add an attachment. The following can be attached:

  • Photo (all browsers and devices, devices must allow access via the devices camera)
  • Video (all browsers and devices, devices must allow access via the devices camera)
  • File (can be added via any browser, Google, or Windows based phones)


Expert Tip : If you attach one of the following image types as a Photo attachment, the image will show as an image once post is published: jpg, gif, jpeg, or png.

For any attachment added to a post, you also have the ability to include a caption for that attachment. This helps to note important information in the attachment and/or to give a title to the attachment.      

For any attached image, document, or video, you can add a caption. One may want to do this to help note important information they will find in the attachment.

To add a caption, once the attachment has been added and fully loaded into the post, simply click anywhere in the area labeled ‘add a caption...’A cursor will show and you can begin typing your caption.

You can also add a hashtag or mention to any caption. It will not autocomplete or notify like it does for other text areas in the app, but it does show up as a link to click for a related search or quick navigation to a person's profile.

For any post where you have added multiple attachments, you have the option to determine the order in which they will show once published.

To edit the order of your attachments, select and hold down your mouse on the attachment you wish to move. Then drag and drop the attachments into the order you wish for them to show once published. 

You can also expand your options with the attachment by clicking on the three dots in the bottom right. You will see a ‘X Remove’, ‘^Up’, ‘Down’. The up and down option will edit the order of the attachments. The X Remove will delete the attachment from the post entirely.

To edit the order once published, you will first need to edit the post, then scroll down to your attachments where you can follow the instructions above.