Konverse Help


In Konverse the majority of the posts in your app will allow you to add a comment to a post. There may be a few where comments are not allowed, but it is room specific. The ability to comment on a post is determined by your app admin and is unique to each room.

For those posts where you are allowed to add a comment, scroll down to the very end of the original post. Immediately below the Views, Likes, and Comments icons you will see a text area prompting you to "Write a reply ..." Simply tap your screen (if on mobile) or add your cursor to the text area and beging typing! Before you finish, you can also add an attachment to your comment by clicking on the paper clip to the left of the post button. 

When you have finished your comment, hit post and your comment will now appear for all to see in the thread of comments associated with that specific post. 

New comments alert the original post creator and anyone else who may have commented or subscribed to that particular post. 

When adding a new comment to a post, it will also create a draft for you as you begin to add content. Your drafts are automatically saved and remain as a draft in the comments section of the post until you either delete or post your comment.

To delete a comment draft, once you navigate away from the post and then return, you will find the option to ‘ Delete Draft’ in the top right hand corner of the comment. Once you click on ‘ Delete Draft ’ it will ask you to confirm. At that point you can either cancel or confirm by selecting ‘Yes, Delete

When a new comment has been added to a post, the post will move towards the top of your home news feed as well as the individual room news feed.  The font of the post, will also show in the theme color of your app.  

The number of comments will be indicated on the top right hand corner of the post in the news feed. If you have read all comments and are up to date on a specific post, the posts’ font will be grey.