Konverse Help


Any attachments added to a post in Konverse will also be included in the email notification. 

All images will be visibble and any videos or files will have links back to the specific post in Konverse. Due to security restrictions, they are not accessible outside of your application.

A user can edit their notification settings by finding their Notification Settings in their Profile Menu. 

 From your Notification Settings:

  • You can edit your global email or push notification settings by toggling them on or off.
  • You can also pick and choose how your are notified based on different actions that can be performed in the app.

Turning off All Email or Push Notifications

At the very top of the notification settings, you will find two toggles. One for Email and one for Push.  You can leave both on or turn one or the other off.  We recommend always keeping at least one on so that you do not miss important content added to your app. Turning both OFF will block ALL notifications to your phone or email inbox.

  •  The email or push notifications are turned on when the toggle is slid to the right and it shows as green.
  • The email or push notifications are turned off when the toggle has been slid to the left and is no longer green.

Turning one or both off will prevent you from being able to manage the individual actions below the global setting.

Turning off notifications for specific actions

 If you feel that you are getting notified about certain actions that are not important to you, you can edit how you receive those notifications.

 Beneath your global notification settings toggle, you will find a chart that includes all Actions that can take place in the app. You can choose the actions you wish to be notified about and how you wish to be notified.

  • You can choose either push or email notification for a particular action.  When the box is checked, it means it is turned on and you will receive that notification for that specific action. When the check mark is no longer visible, it means that type of notification has been turned off for that specific action.
  • If you no longer wish to receive a push or email notification for any of your subscribed searches, you can turn both email and push off.  While you will not receive a notification on your mobile device or in your email inbox, you will see this notification in the all updates section of your App Inbox the next time you login.

We only recommend turning notifications off for members that make a habit out of checking the app 3 - 5 times a week.

You can reply to email notification by: 

  • Logging into Konverse to comment on the original post. Each email notification will include a link to the post in the app.  Simply click the link, login to the app, and add a comment to the post.
  • Reply to the email notification right from your inbox. To reply, simply open the email, hit reply, type your reply, & hit send - just like you would on any other email reply. Your response will show as a comment on the post inside of Konverse.

When you respond to an email notification, it is important to note who will be able to see your comment(s).  In each email notification you will see a note towards the bottom of the message indicating how many people will see your response.

It is important to make sure you are replying from the email address associated with your account in the app.  If the email address is different than the email account you use to login, make sure to add the additional email address in your Notification Settings. You can also contact us at support@konverse.com or your administrator for assistance. 

It is important to update becasue a reply sent from an email address other than what is listed in Konverse may be blocked and will not appear in the app.

You will know you have unread notifications by the number bubble hovering over HOME on your menu. If there is no indicator, it means all messages have been read. Otherwise, the number will indicate how many unread messages you have app wide.

As you scroll down your menu, you can also see how many unread messages you have in each room. 

On your menu, each room with an unread message will have a numbered bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the room icon. The number tells you how many unread posts you have in that particular room

The number on the room icon is not related to your subscriptions, it only has to do with the total number of unread posts.


In your app you can easily find all of your notifications at a glance by viewing them in your app’s inbox.

On the homescreen of your app, to the left of your profile image on the header bar, you will see an envelope icon.  A red number in the top right hand corner of the envelope icon will indicate how many unread notifications you have.

To open your app’s inbox, simply click on the envelope icon and all of your notifications will populate in the news feed. There are two tabs in your Inbox, one for Notifications and one for All Updates.

  • Notifications - This tab will show all notifications that were sent to you. These notifications will be grouped by post.
  • All Updates - This tab will reflect all notifications that have been sent to you if you had ‘All Email Notifications’ and ‘All Push Notifications’ turned on in your Notification Settings. Each notification will be listed out individually.

Once inside of your app’s inbox, you will be presented with a couple different options on how you wish to view and manage your notifications.

  • The default setting is ‘All,’ so when you first open your Inbox, you will see all of your notifications.
  • You can easily see all of your unread notifications by selecting ‘Unread’ at the top of the Notifications feed instead.
  • If you would like to remove the notification number icon on your inbox (the envelope icon), you can easily mark all unread notifications as read by selecting ‘Mark All Read.’

Marking all as read cannot be undone and there is no option to mark a post or notification you received as unread. Before marking all read, make sure you feel comfortable doing so.