Konverse Help


Creating a new post in Konverse is simple and to ensure the correct people are seeing the post, we have taken the guesswork out of who to notify and instead just ask you pick a room. 

Depending on the room options available to you in your app, you can create a post to share an important update, ask a question to your peers, send a request to a specific member of your team, etc. 

  1. To get stated, hit the +Create button on your header-bar.
  2. Once you hit create the the post composer will open where you will need to select a room and folder from the drop-down menus.
  3. From there, its simple! Add a descriptive title and enter the information you are prompted for in the rest of your post.

Some posts are as simple as title and body, others may ask you for additional information. Those additional input areas act as a reminder of what you should include when creating your post. They also make it really easy to search for that information later.

Only a post creator, room owner, or admin of the app have the ability to edit posts. 

To edit a post: 

  1. Open the post you wish to edit
  2. To the right of the post you will see a few icons that when clicked perform a certain action. To edit your post, click the stylus (or pencil) icon. 
  3. The post composer will open with all details of the post. 
  4. Make your edits. 
  5. When complete, PUBLISH your post. 

When a post is edited, it will jump to the top of the room and app homefeed. Only those users that have subscribed to the post will be notified of any edits made. 


When creating or editing a post or comment, you have the ability to add a hashtag. Adding a hashtag is a great way to further categorize the content added to the post.

You can add a hashtag to a post or comment two ways:

  1. Add it in the body by adding ‘#’ to the beginning of word or phrase.
  2. Add a hashtag in the hashtag field towards the bottom of your post composer.

A hashtag, similar to other social media sites, cannot have any spaces in between a phrase.  Frequently used hashtags will populate as you begin to add a new hashtag to your post. 

When creating or editing a post or comment, you have the ability to Mention a User in the app. You may want to use the mention feature when you want to draw a specific users attention to your post.

You can mention a user...

...In the body of any post or comment:

To add the Mention to your post begin by typing their name with a Capital Letter in any text area or by adding the '@' sign and typing their first & last name. Members that match the spelling of their name will auto-populate as you type. 

...At the bottom of the post in the 'Send Mention Notifications' field

Begin by typing their name in the 'Send Mention Notifications' towards the bottom of any post. To ensure they are tagged, you will want to click or tap on their name as the option appears or use your up/down arrows on your keyboard to scroll to the member's name. Once selected, hit enter.

Continue to add content or edit your post as needed. Once the post is published, the user you mentioned will receive a notification based on their preferences, but will not be subscribed to the post. 

  1. Manually, you can save your draft, by clicking ‘X’ in the top right of the open post composer. A draft is saved once you see the word 'Saved' next to the Publish button on your post. 
  2. A draft is also automatically saved as a draft should you close, or navigate away from, the app mid-post creation

In Konverse, you have the ability to like any post or comment added to the app you are able to view. Liking a post is kept anonymous for all users, with the exception of the post creator or comment creator. Theyare able to see who has liked their post via their notification feed in the app or as a push or email notification. Whether or not they receive a notification, will be based on their notifications settings.

How to Like a Post 

  1. To like a post or a comment, you first need to be viewing the post or comment you wish to like. 
  2. At the very bottom of a published post or comment, you will see a grey heart and ‘LIKE’ immediately to the right.  
  3. To like the post, simply click on the heart. If the post has been liked, it will turn red.
  4. To un-like the post, click on the heart again and it will return to grey. 

Like notifications

While who has liked a post is kept anonymous to the general public, the post or comment creator will receive a notification on who has liked their post.  Like notifications can come two ways: 

  • If the post or comment creator has indicated in their notification settings that they wish to be notified when someone likes their post, they will receive a notification (based on their notification preferences) telling them who has liked their post.
  • The post or comment creator will also receive a notification in their all updates section in their app inbox. The notification will inform them who has liked their post. This will happen regardless of their notification settings.

Owners and admin of the app have the ability to ‘Notify Everyone in this room’ when adding a new post to a room where they are listed as owner. While not needed for all posts, it can be useful when you need to publish important content.

NOTE : All other members and owners in that room will receive a notification based on their global notification settings regardless of their subscription settings to the roomwhere the post was created.

To notify everyone in your room: 

  1. Create a new post
  2. At the bottom of the new post you have created, if and only if you are are the owner of the room, you will have the option to check a box labled ‘Notify everyone in this room.’ Checking this box will ensure all members are notified of the new post based on their notification preferences.

While Admins have the option to notify all members of a room, they must be authorized to create a post in the room where they wish to add content. They will not see this option if:

  • they are not a member of that room.
  • the room has ‘owner only’ restrictions on creating a post and they are not listed as an owner of the room.

You can add HTML tags to comments, captions on attachments, room homepages, posts, text boxes found in your profile, etc. 

While on the desktop version of our app, we do offer Rich Text when creating or editing a post via a toggle located immediately below the title section of your post. You can add additional formating by turning Rich Text off .

In Konverse you have the ability to bookmark any post. Bookmarking a post is a great way to tag a post and keep it in an easily accessible space so you can refer back to it as needed.

How to Bookmark 

  1. Find the post you wish to bookmark.
  2. When viewing the post, you will see that you have a couple different icons running along the left hand side of the post.
  3. The icon that looks like a tag, is your bookmark tag.
  4. To bookmark the post, select the bookmark image. When the post is bookmarked, this will turn yellow. When it is not bookmarked it will turn grey.


Viewing Bookmarks 

To view your bookmarked posts, you will first need to find where they are stored. 

  • Using the Filter Menu at the top of your menu, filter for the keywords Bookmarks.
  • Once you have found your bookmarks, open your ‘Bookmarks’ list.
  • In the post feed you will now find all posts that you have bookmarked in the app. 


Removing Bookmarks
Removing bookmarks is easy and is best done while in the bookmarks section of the app:

  • Find the bookmarks section (explained above)
  • Open the bookmarks list
  • Select the post where you wish to remove the bookmark
  • Find the yellow bookmark in the top left hand corner of the post
  • Click on the yellow bookmark.
  • When the bookmark has been removed, the bookmark will be grey, instead of yellow.

When you create a new post, a draft is automatically created. As you continue to add content or attachments, the draft version of the post will continuously update until you publish the post or choose to save as a draft.

To find your stored drafts, using the ‘Filter Menu’ at the top of your menu (found immediately under the app name), type in the keyword: draft. The results will filter and the ‘My Drafts’ section will appear as one of the results.



 Where can I post?

You can post in any room where you are listed as a member and the owner(s) or admin(s) of the app have allowed you to create a post. If you wish to create a post in a room where you do not have ability to do so, please reach out to the owner(s) or admin(s) of your app.

Who can see my post?

A post can be seen by any member or owner of the room where you are creating a post. If it is a public room, all internal members of the app will be able to search for and see post, regardless of room membership.

Who gets notified when I post?

Any member who is both a member of the room where the post was made and has subscribed to the room/folder where the new post was published will be notified based on their notification preferences.

Members will also be notified if the new post matches a saved search they have created and subscribed to.

Members of a room may also be notified based on their notification preferences if a owner publishes a post and chooses to ‘Notify everyone in the room’ with their new post.