Konverse Help

Rooms or Loops

Members have multiple reasons to create a new room or loop and because of that there are several different types you can create with Konverse.

To get started creating a new room or loop:

  1. Click +Create on your top menu.
  2. Choose the room tab at the top of the new window that opens
  3. Enter the name for your new room
  4. Determine how this new room will be used from one of the templates offered in Konverse
  5. Is the room Private or Public? A private room is only available to those invited, a internal public room allows any other internal member to join. 
  6. Invite others by entering their names or email addresses. 
  7. Enter a description for the room. While this is not required to create a room, it is highly encouraged so your users know what to expect and/or what is expected from them in this room. This description will appear on the rooms homepage and accepts full HTML.

From there you are all set if you are ready to get started.  Simply hit Save and invites will be sent to the members you added to your new room

If you are interested in customizing your new room a bit more, select More Options (found immediately below the are labeled Purpose). 

Under More Options, you can do the following: 

  1. Add additional Owners - You will notice you are already an owner (by default) but here you can add more! Note : Additional owners will also recieve a notification they were added. Owners can edit, remove, and notify all on any post in their room. Owners can also edit room options associated with any room where they are an owner.
  2. Add additional Folders - Each room has at least one folder but you can always add more. These help to further categorize the content added to your new room. Each folder has a unique form and the forms are unique to Konverse. To select a new form, click on the drop-down arrow to the right of Discussion (the default form) and select from the available forms in Konverse.
  3. Add a new icon - You can upload (or drag-and-drop) any image as the room icon. We recommend an image that is 300x300 pixels and image will be rounded. 
  4. Determine the settings, or options - We choose a few default settings based on how your :::room::: will be used. ut as an owner you can customize those options as you see fit. Options available to you are:

Automatically subscribe all members: Any member/owner that has been added to this room will be subcribed to every new post added to this room and be notified based on their notification preferences.  If a user has not logged into the app yet, that user will still recieve email notifications even if they have not activated their accounts.

Sort posts alphabetically: All posts will be organized in alphabetical order according to their post titles. This works great for storing static information such as Documents, Training Videos, etc.

Only owners can create posts: Only owners are able to create posts in the room. This is a great way to set up any top-down communication rooms. Something like From Leadership or Marketing Announcements. Only leadership, or the Marketing team, would be listed as owners in these rooms and would be able to create new posts.

Prohibit comments: No comments allowed by admins, owners, or users. Regardless of your member settings in the app, no user is able to comment on any post made in this room. This works great for storing static information such as Documents, Training Videos, etc.

Request Loop or Room: A room where members will see only the posts or comments they add, whereas owners of the room will see all posts or comments added to this room.


When complete, save and publish your room!

As a owner, you are able to return to this screen to edit as needed.

Only the owner of a room or an app admin can edit a room in the Konverse app. By default, any room creator is a owner of that room they create.

To edit a room where you are an owner, you will first want to navigate to the room you wish to edit. From there:

  1. Select edit room from the room controls section.
  2. A new screen will open to the right of your screen.
  3. There you can update any and all settings associated with this specific room. More details on what you can edit and what those settings mean can be found under the help section labeled: Creating a New Room or Loop.
  4. Once you have completed all edits, make sure to save the room at the bottom of the page.

If you need to make additional changes, simply follow the steps outlined above. 

Only admin of the app or room owners have the ability to add, remove, or edit who is listed as the owner or member of a room. 

  • To add Members: Edit the room and 'Invite Others' by searching by name or adding an email address to the optional field. 
  • To add Owners: Edit the room, select 'More Options,' and select 'Add Owners.' From there, you have the option to search by name or add their email address to the Owners field.
  • Once you have made the changes, select save at the bottom of the page. 

You can also easily edit a member's ownership right from the homepage

  • First, you will want to click on the list of members found at the top of the :::loops::: homepage.
  • A list of all room members will now show in the news feed.
  • To search for a specific member, you can begin typing in the filter at the top, or you can scroll through the list.
  • Once you have found the member you wish to add as an owner, select the edit pencil next to their name. A few options will show, one being a toggle next to OWNER. To make someone an owner, simply toggle to ‘YES’ If you wish to remove them as an owner, toggle to ‘NO’

From this screen you will also notice that you can remove a member from the room.  If a member no longer requires access, simply select Remove from room, a pop-up window will display asking you to confirm your action by selecting Save.

If you need to re-add that member to a room, follow the steps from the top to re-add any member or owner. 

A room or loop's homepage is unique to the room you are currently viewing. To find a homepage, find the room you wish to open in your Menu. Once the room is open, you have access to additional room options: Folders, View/Hide Posts, Notes on the Settings, Members, etc. 

All options available are determined by app admin(s) and the respective room owner(s). As a room owner or admin, you can also add a cover photo to the homepage.

If accessing Konverse on your mobile device, you will first navigate to the room on your menu, open the room, and then click on the information link at the top of your news feed. To navigate back to the news feed, click on the x in the top right (immediately below the search spyglass). 

To quickly search for a room in your menu:

  • Locate the Filter Menu, found immediately below Konverse icon at the top of your menu.
  • In the filter, begin typing the name of the room.

Results that match your search will appear in the menu below. 

When any individual member first logs into Konverse, they will only see rooms or loops where they are members. A member's rooms or loop's will show on their sidebar and all posts associated with those rooms or loops will show in their news feed found on their app's homepage.

If there is a room you wish to have access to but cannot find, you will need to contact your app administrator or, if known, the room owner.

Only your app admininstrator or the room owner can grant you access to a private room.

As a member of Konverse you may not be a member of all rooms or loops available to you in your app. Rooms or Loops where you are already a member or owner is because it was either suggested or required when your app was intially setup. Finding other available options is easy and encouraged to see if there are other conversations you wish to join.

  1.  If browsing on a desktop, your app home-screen will give you the option to join a new room. If browsing on mobile or desktop, you can also open your menu and click the spyglass found on one of the categories. If unable to locate, you can also use your app's search by selecting room from the drop-down and then hitting Search.
  2. Your Rooms or Loops tab will open in your news feed. All of the rooms or loops where you are already a member will show in the home feed. To find other available options, click on the tab to the right to view other public rooms or loops in Konverse where you are not already a member. All public rooms or loops available for you to join will appear in the list.  If the list is empty, you are already a member of all your apps public rooms or loops. 
  3. If several options appear, you can use the filter at the top of the news feed to search your options. Once you have located a room where you wish to become a member, click on the room in news feed. The homepage for the room will open in your display window where you will now have the option to "Join this room. Click ‘Join this room’ and a pop-up will open confirming you were added. The new room will appear in your menu and posts that are added to the room will now show in your home feed.

Note: This list will only show public rooms or loops. If a member wishes to become a member of a private room, a user will have to request to be added from the owner(s) of the private room.If you do not know the owner, please contact your manager or your app's admin.

In Konverse, some of the rooms or loops will give you the option to leave the room. Users may find it necessary to leave a room if they change roles, change office locations, find a room is no longer relevant, or perhaps the room was used to manage a specific project and the project has been completed. Leaving a room is simple, and if the option is available to you, you can follow these quick steps.  

  1. Find and open the room you wish to leave.
  2. On the room details page, beneath room controls, you will see whether or not you have the options to leave. If you do not have the option to leave you will see nothing referencing the ability to leave. If you do, simply click leave this room.  A confirmation window will open. Confirm the action by selecting leave this room again.
  3. Once you have successfully left the room, a pop-up will show indicating that you have left that room and that room will be removed from your menu.  

Leaving a room on mobile: To leave a room on the mobile version, you will first have to open the room you wish to remove, open the ‘details’ page which is found by clicking on the information, or i , at the top of the news feed. The details page will then open & display your avaiable management options for that room.

If this option to leave does not appear on desktop or mobile, it is because it is not available and you will need to contact the owners of the room or your app’s admin to leave the room.

Once you leave a room, the post(s) from that room will no longer show in your news feed. If the room was public and you are an internal member of Konverse, the posts will still appear in search. If the room was private, no posts will show in your feed or search.. Additionally, if the room is private and you wish to re-join, you will have to request an invite from the Ownerof the room.

Should a room no longer be relevant, instead of removing all members and keeping the room live, you can simply just delete the room. Only admin of the app or owner's of a room have the ability to delete a room.

To delete: 

  • First navigate, to the room you wish to delete.
  • From the homepage, locate your Controls.
  • Several options will be avablale as a owner, but because you want to remove the room entirely, you will want to select delete room.
  • A confirmation screen will show confirming this action. 

Keep in mind, deleting a room will delete all of its content and will no longer be available in search.

In case of emergency, you can reach out to your Konverse Support team to re-publish a deleted room.

A room can have one folder, or a room can have many folders, but each room needs at least one folder. Folders in a room help to organize, or further categorize, the content posted in a particular room.

A folder within a room has a one-to-one relationship with custom forms also available within your app. So for each new form you wish to add to your room, you will want to create a new folder. 

When viewing a specific room all posts, in all folders, will appear in the news feed. Should a room have multiple folders, you can narrow down what shows in the news feed by selecting one of the available folders.

There are two ways to find available folders in a room:

  1.  On the room homepage
  2. The drop-down above the room news feed. Should a room have multiple folders, they will all appear in the drop-down menu.

On a room homepage you may be given the option to hide those posts from your app’s home feed. This is optional and its availability is determined by an app’s admin.

Internal Public

  • An internal public room is a room that is available to any internal or external user added to the app. Only members have the ability to create and publish posts to an internal public room (if the settings allow it).
  • Any internal public room and its posts can be found via search where members can choose to join, comment, or see the room and its contents.


  • A private room is only available to members that have been invited by the owners of the room.
  • Only the members or owners of a private room can view or search its contents, create a post, or comment on a post. What members can do will depend on the settings of the room. A member may actually be restricted from creating a post or comment. 

Each room has a set of members that are able to access the room.

Typically only members of a room are able to create a new post, edit or delete posts they create, comment on a post, or like a post. What a member is able to do in a specific room is managed by the room owners and app admins. 

To find all members associated with a specific room, click on the list of members shown at the top of the room homepage or click on View Members found in the room management section of the room you are viewing. 

On a mobile device, you need to navigate to the room details> and select members to see the list of members in that room.