Konverse Help

App Home Page

The display window on your app's home page is the the right-hand part of the screen. When you first login, this display panel may have your company name, a welcome message, links to featured posts, and quick buttons to make a post, join a room, or create a room. Your company may have added additional customizations that are unique to you.  Contact your app administrator for more information. 
As you begin to navigate through the app, your display window will change to reflect what you are viewing. Give it a try! 
  • Click on a room, the room information page now displays. 
  • Click on a post, the post will now display.

Try out a search. Hit create. Open a user profile. Even manage your subscriptions. The information all displays here. 

A featured post is a post that stays top of mind for other users. When a post is featured, a link to the post shows on the apps home page, and is flagged with a colorful star in the post feed.  

Featured posts are good for messages that you want to ensure every members pays attention to (such as changes to a policy), messages that members may want to reference often (company Holiday's), or perhaps its just as simple as a reminder (offices closed on New Years!).
While featured posts display on the home page of your app, you will only see posts that are featured in :::loops::: where you are a a member. Featured posts are managed by admins and only they can feature or un-feature posts.


Your inbox is found on your header bar and is marked by white envelope. A red circle displays how many unread notifications you have your inbox.

In your inbox, every notification summarizes which post you were notified on, why you were notified, when you were notified, and who notified you. If you click or tap on the notification, the post appears on the display panel.

A secondary tab, All Updates, will show updates regardless of your subscription & notification settings. This tab is the app’s best guess at what you will find interesting based on your interactions with the app.

Example: Your app inbox includes things such as when someone likes your post. If your settings are setup where you are NOT to receive a notification for likes, you will not receive a notification but it will show in your ‘All Updates’ tab.

You can easily toggle between All notifications and Unread notifications at the top of the news feed. You can also “Mark All Read” if you do not wish to read each notification. The small gear beneath "Mark All Read" provides you with a quick link to your Notification Settings where you can adjust what you see in your Inbox. 


The menu on the left side of your screen is your Konverse map. Each section stores different content from your app.

  • Home - one feed with every post within your Konverse app
  • Bookmarks - a feed of posts that you have 'bookmarked' for easy reference
  • User Search - Quickly find your colleagues and their contact information.
  • Your :::loops:::- A room is a folder or category where all your posts are stored. Each room has its own circular, colorful icon.  Each member will have a unique menu. Only your Public or Private :::loops:::, whether you are an owner or a member, will appear in your Menu. 

Menu on Mobile

When logging into the Konverse app on mobile, you can expand your Menu by clicking on the three horizontal lines found in the top left of your Header Bar.   

A few commonly asked questions: 

  • Can I customize my menu?

Currently no, an individual member of an app cannot change the order of your menu.  Your app admin does have the ability to make some changes, so if you have suggestions - please share with Support or your app administrator.   

  • How do I minimize my menu?

Click on the lock to minimize or maximize the menu. Unlocked means it will only expand when you hover over the menu, locked will keep it open until you unlock the menu again. By default, your menu will be locked on login.  

  • How do I find a specific room in my menu?

You have a couple options, both of which will also find :::loops::: that may be nested in other sections.

Click on the magnifying glass found in your Header Bar and search for the room name.

You can also click on the “Filter Menu” at the top of the menu and search for the room name.

The panel to the right of your menu is your News Feed. This feed includes all posts and messages you have access to. 

Your feed will look different from your coworker’s feed or your boss’s feed. Each user is a part of different :::loops::: and will see messages based on their role within the organization. 

Each post shows you the room it’s in (with room icon), room author (with profile picture), if it’s unread (white background with bold colored title), or read (grey background with grey title), the number of comments (with comment count), and the time of last activity (post creation or last comment). 

The news feed will change based on different actions you take while navigating your app. 

  • If you click or tap on a room, the feed updates so that you only see posts from that room.
  • When you perform a search, the feed will update so only your search results show in the feed.
  • When a new post or comment is made, a yellow bar pops up indicating a new comment or post was made. You can refresh your feed by clicking on the yellow bar or you can simply pull or drag down on the feed (if on mobile).

You can toggle between all notifications and unread notifications. You can also “Mark All Read” in the top right corner of the news feed if you do not wish to read each notification.

Subscriptions - a feed of posts where you are “subscribed." These posts are specific to you; you’ve either chosen to be notified about this content, or someone has mentioned you specifically.

Notifications - whether you want to be notified by push notification or email notification, and whether you want to be notified on all conversations or just a few, you can update all of that here.

Logout - this logs you out of the app completely. This is recommended when using a shared computer within your organization.