Konverse Help


Subscriptions are how an individual user can manage when they are notified of new content being added to Konverse. Each user can manage their own subscriptions. You can subscribe to a room, folder, specific post, members, or even build and save a search.

You can find all of your subscriptions at a glance by opening your Subscriptions tab found on your profile menu.  Here you can subscribe/unsubscribe, delete saved searches, and manageall of your subscriptions.

You can also easily link to your subscriptions right from your profile page.

On mobile, once you have opened your subscriptions, you will need to tap on the gear in the top right to open and manage your subscriptions.

You can see all of your subscriptions at a glance by opening your ‘Subscriptions’ found in your menu. Here you can manage your room, folder, member, and saved search subscriptions. You also have the ability to edit or delete any saved searches you have created.

Items you are subscribed to will be green, items where you are not subscribed will be grey.

Unsubscribing from any of your subscriptions is as simple as clicking the green radio button to turn it off, or grey. Once you have unsubscribed, refresh your screen so those options where you will notice those options are no longer listed on your subscriptions page.

A room with multiple folders:

If you choose to unsubscribe from one folder in a room with many folders, the room and all of its folders will still show in your subscriptions, however, the folder(s) where you continue to be subscribed will remain green and the folder(s) where you are unsubscribed will now be grey.

A room may have multiple folders, but a room may also have only one folder. As a member of a particular room, you have the ability to subscribe or unsubscribe from posts added to the room and its various different folders. 

To subscribe to a room, you will first need to navigate to the room you wish to subscribe to in your left nav. Once you have opened the room, navigate to the description page.  

Next to the name of the room, click on the radio button. Grey = unsubscribed. Green = subscribed. Clicking on the radio button next to the name will subscribe you to all folders within the room.

Should you find not all the information posted in that room as something you wish to be notified about, you can choose to subscribe to specific folders. 

  1. First, you will want to unsubscribe from the room in its entirety (radio button will be grey)
  2. Second, hit the radio button next to each folder where you wish to be subscribed.
  3. Once you have successfully subscribed to the folder, the radio button will turn green.

NOTE: If a room only has one folder, unsubscribing from the one folder will unsubscribe you from the entire room.


A member can choose to subscribe or unsubscribe from any post in the app via the radio button found at the top of the post (found to the right of the bookmark).
For any post you create or any post where you add a comment, you arr automatically subscribed and will recieve updates for each new comment added to the post. If you are the post creator, you will also be notified of who has liked your post. 
If you would like to subscribe to a post you did not author or comment on, you can hit the radio button found at the top of the post.  When it turns green, you are subscribed and will be notified whenever someone adds a new comment or the post is edited. The post author will not recieve a notificaton that you have subscribed to the post. 
NOTE: You are ONLY notified of edits made to a post when you are subscribed to a post.

I didn't create the post, why am I recieving a notification for every comment on a post? 

For any post you create,you will be notified based on your notification preferences when any user adds a comment.  Additionally, for any post where you comment, you are automatically subscribed and notified when any other user adds an additional comment to the same post.