Konverse Help

Getting Started

To access your app for the first time, you’ll need to use the link that was included in your Konverse Welcome Email.

  • Open the Welcome Email, find & select the Activate Your Account button on the email, & you'll be sent to the app's login page.  
  • If you are not sent to the login page when you click the Activate Your Account button, copy and paste the link in your welcome email (found at the very bottom of the message) into your web browser.
  • Your username will be populated and all you need to do to complete the activation of your account is set a password and confirm it by entering it a second time.
  • Once all has been populated, click Log in and you're all set!


If you did not receive a welcome email or cannot find it in your inbox, please contact support@konverse.com and a new welcome email will be sent to you.  

Please note that organizations using authentication tools to sync existing passwords with Konverse will not receive a request to create a password and will instead be prompted to enter a password. In these cases, please use the email & password combination you use to access your other technology sites.

The app home page, or the home screen of your app, can include your company's logo as well as posts your app administrator(s) have featured.

Your news feed includes posts from all of the loops or rooms where you are a member and wish to show in your news feed. The most recent posts will show towards the top.

The app home page also includes your menu and header bar. The menu includes your rooms, app features, & settings. The header bar includes quick links to your notification inbox, your profile, + create a post, and the app's search function.

The header bar is where you take action in Konverse. It’s made up of four basic components: App Inbox, Profile, Create, and Search.

  • App Inbox: Click or tap the envelope to check your inbox and read your different notifications. A red bubble counts the number of new, unread notifications you have in your inbox. You can easily toggle between your All and Unread notifications. You can also choose to see just your Notifications or All Updates by clicking on the different tabs at the top of the feed.
  • Profile: Click or tap on your profile picture (and name on desktop/tablet) to update your profile, view your subscriptions, notifications, or logout. 
  • Create: Click or tap on the “+” (and “Create” on desktop/tablet) to create a new post, private message, or room.
  • Search: Click or tap on the magnifying glass to search for a post, loop, member, and more.

These four actions let you do just about anything you want within your app.

On a mobile device or tablet, you will also see three horizontal bars in the top left corner. This takes you to the left hand menu.

The grey menu is your Konverse map. Each panel stores different content from your app.

  • Home - one feed with every post within your Konverse app
  • Bookmarks - a feed of posts that you have “bookmarked” for easy reference at any time
  • Subscriptions - a feed of posts that you are “subscribed” to. These posts are specific to you; you’ve either chosen to be notified about this content, or someone has mentioned you specifically by name or group. Every user has a different subscription feed.
  • Notification settings - whether you want to be notified by push notification or email, and whether you want to be notified on all conversations or just a few, you can update these in your notifications
  • User search - Quickly find your colleagues and their contact information.
  • Rooms or Loops - A folder or category where all your posts are stored. Each has its own circular, colorful icon. 

A room is a collection of posts, or similar conversations, taking place in your app.

A room is made up of folders, posts, owners, and members. It will always contain at least one folder, but may contain several to help further categorize the content posted in the room.

A room has one to many members and will always have at least one owner. The owner or owners of a room have specific privileges to help manage how the room is set up, content that is shared, and who will have the ability to see and interact with content added to the room.

When any individual member first logs into Konverse, they will only see :::loops::: where they are members. A member's loops or rooms will show on their menu and all their posts will show in the news feed, located to the right of the menu.

They can either be Internal Public or Private. Internal Public allows any internal member access to the the room as well as the content.  If the room is private, the room itself as well as the content is ONLY visible to its members. Membership is managed by the owner and/or an app admin.

Some call it sharing notes, some call it feedback, at Konverse we call it creating a post and adding a comment. When you create a post, you are adding a new note or beginning a new conversation for others to see or partake in. When you add a comment to a post, you are contributing to the discussion.

Subscriptions are how an individual user can manage when they are notified of new content being added to a public room or a room where they are listed as a member.

Each individual user can manage their own subscriptions. You can subscribe to a room, folder, specific post, members, or even build and save a search.

Notifications are how the app alerts you of new content posted in the app.  You are notified when you are added to a room, mentioned in a post or comment, sent a private post, a room owner chose to notify all members of a new post added to a room where you are a member, or a post is added that matches a subscription of yours.

Notifications can be sent in app where they will appear in both your app inbox and news feed. They can also be sent as a push to your mobile device or as an email to the primary email address associated with your account in the app.

A few examples of when you may or may not recieve a notification:

If you have subscribed to an ‘All Corporate’ room and all of its folders, you will be notified each time a post is added to that room.

If you have chosen to not subscribe to that room, or any of its folders, you will not be notified when a new post is added but it will still appear in your home feed.

If you are not subscribed to a room but the room owner selects ‘Notify All’ when publishing their post, you will be notified based on your notification preferences.

An email notification is a notification that is sent to your primary email address.  Unless updated by you or your app administrator, the email address recieving notifications is the same email address you use to access Konverse

For any email notification you recieve you can also reply! If the Room or Loop is setup to recieve comments on the oringinal post, the reply email will be captured in Konverse as a comment on the original post. 

Towards the bottom of all email notification you can find information on whether or not the comment will be accepted as well as how many members will see your response.

push notification is a message that pops up on your mobile device where your Konverse app has been downloaded. You don't have to be in the app or using your device to recieve them. They simply appear when an action occurs in Konverse where you are to be notified.