Konverse Help

Using the Tool

Creating a new post in Konverse is simple! To ensure the correct people are seeing the post, we have taken the guesswork out of who to notify and instead just ask you pick a room! Depending on the room options available to you in your app, you can create a post to share an important update, ask a question to your peers, send a request to the Support team, etc.

  1. Create a new post by hitting the +Create button on your header bar.
  2. Once you hit create the the post composer will open where you will need to select a room and folder from the drop-down menus.
  3. From there, its simple! Add a descriptive title and enter the information you are prompted for in the rest of your post.

Some posts are as simple as title and body, others may ask you for additional information. Those additional input areas act as a reminder of what you should include when creating your post.

A few additional options when creating a new post or editing a comment:

  • Mention Notifications: If you want to make sure a specific person is aware of your new post(s), you have the ability to ‘@mention’ any user in the app.
  • Hashtag Mentions: You also have the ability to add hashtag. Adding hashtag is a great way to further categorize the content added to the post.


In addition, you also have the ability to add attachments (photo, video, or files) to any post in your app.

Every notification you recieve will inform you why you were notified and can be adjusted from your Notification Settings.

In your Notification Settings you manage the following: 

  • Toggle ON or OFF ALL Push or Email Notifications. Green is ON, Grey is OFF.
  • Once you have determined HOW you would like to be notified you customize the notification based on specific actions in the table below. Simply check the back to let the app know how you would like to be notified on a specific action. 

In your Notification Settings, you will also find the option to update or add an additional email address. Once a new email address is added, you can set a new primary account if you wish.  Your primary account is where you will recieve email notifications moving forward. 

Adding a secondary email address but not setting as primary does allow you to email directly into the app from the secondary account. This is helpful if you forward emails to a second email address you use on a regular basis.

Please Note: Adding or changing your primary email address WILL NOT change the account you use to login to your app. 

Subscriptions (defined)

Subscriptions are how an individual user can manage when they are notified of new content being added to a public room or a room where they are listed as a member.

Each individual user can manage their own subscriptions. You can subscribe to a room, folder, specific post, members, or even build and save a search.

You can see all of your subscriptions at a glance by finding and opening your ‘Subscriptions’ found in the menu linked with your profile in the header bar. In your subscriptions, you can subscribe/unsubscribe, delete your saved searches, and manage your room, folder, and member subscriptions.

You can also easily link to your subscriptions right from your profile page.

NOTE: On mobile, once you have opened your subscriptions, you will need to tap on the gear in the top right to open and manage your subscriptions

Mark all as Read can be found in the app inbox (envelope icon) as well as at the top of your app’s home news feed and each room news feed. 

If you select Mark all as Read while in your inbox, or in an individual room, it will ONLY mark the posts showing in the news feed at that time as read. So if certain posts are hidden from your feed, those posts will not be marked as read. 

Marking all as read cannot be undone and you do not have the ability to mark a post as ‘unread.’

Your profile can be found on the header bar of your Konverse app.

Your profile includes a profile picture, background image, basic contact information (email, phone number, title), allows users to send you a private post, see which loops or rooms you share with another member, and a link to posts you created anywhere in the app. 

To edit, simply click on your name, click Profile, and choose 'Edit Profile' from your Controls section on your profile.

To edit or update your profile image or background image you will want to click on the photo icon to the right of the existing profile image. From there select which you wish to update - Profile or Banner Image. 


Expert Tip : As long as you and the other users in the app have updated contact information, you have the ability to contact a user directly from their profile. If you’re on a computer, you can click to email somebody right from their profile, and if you’re on a mobile device, you can tap to email, text, or call right from their profile page.